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Our brand represents individuality, quality and dedication to perfection.

ScubaForce only uses the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art components from leading European and international manufacturers. 

Our products make each of your dives a unique experience.

ScubaForce drysuits are as unique as our customers. Build your diving experience the way you want it. With numerous options tailored to your needs and demands. Thousands of divers around the world appreciate the uniqueness and the standard of excellence of their ScubaForce equipment. As a proud supplier of rescue workers, police departments, special operations units, and the military, we incorporate the feedback of people relying daily on ScubaForce drysuits. This makes us one of the largest drysuit manufacturers in Europe.

Breathe in and feel twice the excitement.

Two versions, Backmount or Sidemount, one unit. The SF2 electronic closed-circuit rebreather is straightforward, streamlined and compact. Featuring a unique position of the counter lung and equipped with cutting edge components by Shearwater, Jaksa and Parker, everything is encased in a crafted carbon fiber tube. Brilliant and simple from within and without.

Dive confidently; it is only you and the ocean.

Welcome to ScubaForce and see for yourself our wide range of high quality technical diving equipment.

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